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Each of us at Solari sees and hears the need for restoration and rejuvenation throughout our lives and work. We hear the effort to apply the Golden Rule in our lives, our work and our finances. We hear a call for a positive and productive way forward through the changes upon us. We are often asked, “What can I do?” One of the things each one of us can do is to pray. No matter how pressed our schedule is, there is always time for prayer.

For our Christmas card this year, here are some of my favorite scriptures and prayers in the form of (36) prayers and devotionals – one for each day of the month as well as Christmas, New Years Eve, New Years and your birthday.

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For our Christmas 2015 donations this year, we wanted to acknowledge the leaders who have inspired our prayers as well as those who protect our food and health freedom. If you’re looking for great ideas, we highly recommend our choices for Christmas 2015 donations (see the right-hand column).

On behalf of the entire team at Solari, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

~ Catherine Austin Fitts

Every year at this time, we celebrate by sharing our good fortune. Here are our choices for Christmas 2015 donations:

For their prayer support:

  • Christ Our Hope Reformed Episcopal Church, Reverend Franklin Sanders, Westpoint, TN
    Franklin and his family built a beautiful country church – it is my home church. Listen to our Solari Report with Reverend Sanders on our prison ministries as well one on Spiritual Warfare to get a sense of this life changing ministry.
  • Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church, Bishop Alfred Owens & Co-Pastor Susie Owens, Washington, DC
    Solari Report subscribers have heard me say “If we can face it, God can fix it” and talk about my Spiritual Warfare training. Here’s the source.
  • Mt Salem Baptist Church, Reverend Melvin Bufford, Hickory Valley, TN
    When I want to be around great leadership and recharge my spiritual batteries in Hickory Valley, here is where I go.
  • Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Pastor Timothy Keller, New York, NY
    Cities need spiritual revival – you need a very big heart and brain to take on New York City.
  • The Potter’s House, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Dallas, TX
    If you drive around the country with me, you will listen to a lot of Bishop Jakes.

For their support of our food and health freedom:

  • Carnicom Institute – Clifford Carnicom’s work on global spraying and Morgellons has contributed significantly to our understanding of how to stay healthy in these times.
  • Edinburgh Food Project – I support food banks. This year, we chose a food bank group in Scotland in appreciation of the opportunity to spend time there this year.
  • National Health Federation – Scott Tips and his team continue to rock our world with their global efforts on Codex and publication of Health Freedom News. A membership is the best $35 you can spend.
  • Otepic Kenya Permaculture – Philip Odhiambo Munyasia is a permaculturist who never quits and who performs miracles in Kenya with tiny amounts of money.
  • Weston Price Foundation – Sally Fallon and Weston Price have made mighty contributions to protecting the North America food supply, including building networks of local circles.

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